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Hi my name is Jack. I am 12 years old and I am in sixth grade. I have 3 sisters Mariah (21) Corrine (14) Alyssa (14). I enjoy swimming , sleeping  , baseball , basketball , and really most sports. I like to be out doors so i go to a camp could Camp Ernst since  2013. I am currently living in Kentucky. I collect baseball cards and football cards. I have some that are worth 70 dollars most of them are reds baseball cards. From when they were good and they had Pete rose. I am not much of a reader but some books I like are holes, Percy Jackson, and harry potter. I have 2 dogs named Roxie and Percy. They turn 3 in March. They think that there people and like to try to eat at the table.

I love baseball it doesn’t matter who’s playing I will watch it anyways unless the cardinals are playing the pirates I will watch.I hate both of those teams because there in the reds division. I was on a swim team for 6 years could the hammer heads. We went undefeated 3 years in a row there’s a all – star meet and a champ meat  I went to champ meet and came 5th out of every boy in my age group in Kentucky. I got a medal it was cool. Of course now it would have meant a lot more to me since I was 9 years old. I gave up swimming for baseball.I might go back since my baseball team broke up but I don’t know.  But anyway this is all about me. Thank you for listening.

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